Friday, June 12, 2009

Here's another update on Grace's consonants. I recently confirmed that she really is using a uvular trill for a "k" (actually, realized that she seems to have two separate sounds for the "k" sounds in English, neither of them standard, but one of them is definitely a trill).
It's so much fun!

Grace's sound, roughly

Phonemes she uses the sound for (in rough "English-y" notation)

/t/ and /d/

/b/ and /p/
d (back a bit)

/k/ (in "car"). We sometimes think we hear a proper "k" here but we're pretty sure it's a "d" variant, a bit like the "d" in an Indian accent.

/p/ in a whispered tractor sound and sometimes in "papa" (grampa). We debate whether this is a "p" or a "b", it may be an unaspirated "p" (and sometimes she whispers the whole word in an attempt at aspirating her "p"?)


fricatives & approximants

ʒ (zh)

/s/, /z/ /ʃ/ (sh),/tʃ/ (ch) /dʒ/ (j)
w (some version of it)

/ɹ/ (r) and /w/ - as in "wawa ("flower" or "water")

θ (th)

/s/ (word-terminal only) - as in "bus"

x? ʃ?

/tʃ/ (ch) (word-terminal only) - as in "beach"

Trills & funny sounds
[R] (uvular trill)

Used for the "back" K, as in "quack" and "chloe")
[ʙ] (bilabial trill)

Used joyfully and frequently for silliness
r̼ (linguolabial trill)

Used joyfully and spitfully for silliness

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